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In general, lecture attendance is not limited. There are, however, a few courses, e.g. seminars, for which the number of participants is limited. Please pay attention to specific information provided in the course descriptions.

Lectures summer term 2018

Hauptseminar (Bachelor) [German]

Market Research (Master/MBR)

Projektkurs (Master)

Unternehmensführung & Marketing (Bachelor) [German]

Seminar Empirische Sozialforschung (Master, MBR) [German]

Fallstudiensemiar mit PWC (Bachelor) [German]

Einführung in die Public Relations (Bachelor/ virtuelle Vorlesung) [German]

Lectures winter term 2017/18

Proseminar / Hauptseminar (Bachelor - PO 2008) [German]

Hauptseminar (Bachelor - PO 2015) [German]

International Branding and Advertising (Bachelor)

International Management (Bachelor)

Convincing Stakeholders (Master) [more Information: Institut for Marketing]

Consumer Insights (Bachelor)

Einführung in die Public Relations (Bachelor/ virtuelle Vorlesung) [German]

Management Communications (ETD)

Methoden der BWL (Master) [German]

Projektmanagement (Bachelor) [German]

Strategie- und Projektimplementierung (Bachelor) [German]

Ringvorlesung (Bachelor) [German]

GMAT-Vorbereitungskurs (Bachelor) [German]