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Prof. Dr. Sascha Raithel, MBR

Prof. Dr. Sascha Raithel, MBR

Professor of Marketing


Freie Universität Berlin
Arnimallee 11
Raum 110
14195 Berlin

Phone: +49 30 838-52135

Office hours:
Wednesday, 10:00 - 11:00 (on appointment)

More Information

Curriculum vitae

Sascha Raithel is Junior Professor of Financial Performance-based Marketing and Management at the Munich School of Management since October 2013. He studied business administration at the University of Augsburg (Germany) with majors in empirical research, marketing, market research, and business information technology. He gained work experience during his studies at Munich Re and MAN. Between March 2004 and January 2007 he gained professional work experience as consultant at Pepper Global. Between February 2007 and July 2009 he was research and teaching assistant at the Munich School of Management and simultaneously consultant at Pepper Global (research grant provider). He received his Master in Business Research in February 2009. Between August 2009 and March 2011 he was full time research and teaching assistant at Munich School of Management. In June 2011, he obtained his doctor's degree (Dr. oec. publ.) with the work "Market-based Assets and Financial Performance". Until September 2013 he was assistant professor at the Insitute for Market-based Management.

Teaching experience

  • Convincing Stakeholders (Lecture, Master)
  • Management and Marketing (Exercise, Bachelor)
  • Market Analysis (Exercise, Bachelor)
  • Market Research (Lecture, Master)
  • Quantitative Methods (Lecture, Ph.D.)
  • SPSS Syntax (Lecture, Bachelor)

Research areas

  • Marketing/Financie-Interface (Intangible/market-based assets and financial performance)
  • Marketing Performance Measurement
  • Corporate Reputation
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Crisis Management


  • Eminent Research Fellow (2013-2014) at the Global Center on Big Data and Mobile Analytics, Fox School of Business, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, USA
  • Distinguished fellowship at the Fudan University in Shanghai
  • Conference Best Paper Award at the 2009 Workshop on Visualising, Measuring and Managing Intangibles and Intellectual Capital, organized by the European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management (EIASM), Dresden for the paper "Value-relevance of Customer Satisfaction: Empirical Evidence for Global Automobile Industry" (together with Sebastian M. Scharf and Manfred Schwaiger)
  • Best Reviewer Award in the "Corporate Branding" track at the 2010 Global Marketing Conference in Tokyo

Selected publications

  • Littich, M.; Raithel, S.; Michel, E. (2014): "The Effect of Communication on Employer Reputation," in: Journal of Media Economics, forthcoming.

  • Luo, X.; Wang, H.; Raithel, S.; Zheng Q. (2014): "Corporate Social Responsibility, Analyst Stock Recommendations, and Firm Future Returns,” in: Strategic Management Journal, forthcoming.

  • Raithel, S.; Schwaiger, M. (2014): "The Effects of Corporate Reputation Perceptions of the General Public on Shareholder Value," in: Strategic Management Journal, forthcoming.

  • Schwaiger, M.; Raithel, S. (2014): "Reputation und Unternehmenserfolg," in: Management Review Quarterly (Journal für Betriebswirtschaft), Forthcoming.

  • Chan,g H. L.; Ko E.; Tikkanen, H.; Phan, M. C. T.; Aiello, G.; Donvito, R.; Raithel, S. (2014): Marketing mix and customer equity of SPA brands: Cross-cultural perspectives, Journal of Business Research, Forthcoming.

  • Luo, X.; Raithel; S.; Wiles, M. (2013): "The Impact of Brand Rating Dispersion on Firm Value,” in: Journal of Marketing Research, Vol. 50, No. 3, 399-415.

  • Luo, X.; Wiles, M.; Raithel, S. (2013): "Making the Most of a Polarizing Brand," in: Harvard Business Review, Vol. 91, No. 11, 29-31.

  • Raithel, S.; Sarstedt, M.; Scharf, S.; Schwaiger, M. (2012): "On the value relevance of customer satisfaction. Multiple drivers and multiple markets," in: Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Vol. 40, No. 4, 509-525.