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Letter of recommendation

In order to qualify for receiving a letter of recommendation from our institute, following two aspects are required:

  • Successful participation in at least 2 of our courses
    OR participation in a seminar at the institute or a course with an oral presentation as part of the task
    OR completion of a thesis at the IMM
  • An average grade of at least 2.3 across all courses at the institute (including seminars etc.), each grade is hereby weighted according to the respective number of ECTS.

If you fulfill both above stated prerequisites, please send an e-mail to including a list of the achieved accomplishments, a CV and a current listing of your overall grades (as automatically generated via the online examination office).

If you do not fulfill the prerequisites, please understand that we cannot issue such a certificate.

Furthermore, please consider that the number of certificates issued per person is limited:

  • Students who have only attended "mass lectures" at our institute may apply for only one letter of recommendation ("To whom it may concern" or to a specified addressee). This would contain a specification of the lectures attended and the student's grades.
  • Students who have attended a project course, a seminar or any other IMM activities may apply for three letters of recommendation at the most (one "To whom it may concern" and two to specified addressees). These would contain a specification of the lectures attended, the student's grades and a more detailed evaluation of the student.

Letters of recommendation are issued only in English.

Attention! In case you have any further questions regarding the issue of a letter of recommendation, please do not forget to send a copy of your email to our secretary (